A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Lands of St Paul

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Greece  Turkey  Malta  Cyprus

A new edition of the definitive guide to the sites visited by St. Paul on his missionary journeys. Fully updated and redesigned with new maps and plans, and many new colour photographs. Expanded, with new sections on St John and his writing of the Book of Revelation on the island of Patmos, together with other Greek islands that may be visited as part of your holiday. Highlights include: the Seven Churches of the Revelation, notably Ephesus and Pergamum; the splendours of Istanbul and Athens; the glories of Ancient Greece and Macedonia. The islands of Cyprus and Malta, with their layers of history, are detailed. These lands are rich in reminders of the hardships faced by early Christians to establish their faith. This is an essential aid to prepare for a pilgrimage and a quality souvenir to evoke many lasting memories.

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Greece  Turkey  Malta  Cyprus

A new edition of the definitive guide to the journeys of Saint Paul and his companions, together with the sites associated with the Book of Revelation. We cover the sites, islands and cities likely to be included in a present day tour or cruise itinerary. If you are an independent traveller, there is added detail that will be a valuable aid.

With new chapters on St John and Patmos, and other Greek islands, there are new maps and plans, photographs and revised descriptions. The Letters to the Seven Churches of the Revelation are explained along with descriptions of the sites. Southern and Central Turkey are described, along with a chapter on Istanbul.

Paul’s Macedonian Call includes descriptions of Philippi, Lydia, Kavala and Thessalonika. We then move on to Veria, Vergina, Meteora and Delphi. There is a good description of Athens, and then Corinth and the Peloponnese. We include Mykonos, Rhodes, Santorini and Crete in addition to Patmos.

The Malta section gives a good insight into this fascinating island with its layers of history, proud of its association with St Paul.

Cyprus today is still divided by the conflicts of the 1970s except that now it can be quite easy if you want to explore the north and south together, and so visit all of the places associated with Paul, Barnabas and Mark. The caveat is that if you are organizing a group tour, you will need to persuade your operator to deal with two ground agents, one in the south and one in the north, and disembark one bus at the border to meet the new driver and guide on the other side. Salamis and Paphos provide ample reminders of the ancient world. A string of UNESCO listed churches and monasteries stretch out into the mountains. The beautiful harbour of Kyrenia and the Crusader castles are further highlights.

These lands are rich in reminders of early Christian communities and the evangelical missions to establish and grow them.

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Paperback. A5. 132 pages.

ISBN 9780995561519


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