A Pilgrim’s Guide to Northern Spain Vol.1: Camino Frances & Camino Finisterre

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A complete, quality walking guide to the Camino Francés and Camino Finisterre.
Benefit from 1: 50 000 series stage maps from Spain’s National Geographic Survey with official paths and variants approved by the Spanish Friends of the Camino. These are complemented by elevation and distance profiles, start and finish insets, town and city plans. In-depth descriptions of the monuments, cities, towns and villages allow the pilgrim to truly sense the history, art and devotion of centuries gone by. Some helpful directions and extensive accommodation listings help you to plan and then get to your bed. Equipment and safety advice, how the accommodation and meals are planned, the Credencial and Compostela, how to get to your Camino start, and a Glossary complete the practical advice. Why you are going on your Camino is down to you, however, there are insights as to why people go and what to expect.
The legend of St James with its importance to Spain is explored in its Biblical and historical context. How the pilgrimage developed following the rediscovery of the tomb. Its significance today to a worldwide group of pilgrims from almost every country and background.
This is an essential tool for planning your Camino, and a practical companion on your journey.
Illustrated in full colour.


Camino pilgrim’s guide book to the Camino Francés and Camino Finisterre.

The ancient pilgrimage path in Spain to the tomb of St James has undergone a contemporary revival. Embracing spirituality in its widest sense, modern-day pilgrims come from across the world to experience the tranquility, camaraderie and scenery that help towards self-discovery, personal healing and a thoroughly memorable experience.

The first Camino Walking Editions book in the Pilgrim’s Guide Series. A quality, detailed aid featuring:

CARTOGRAPHY  We have used the Spanish National Geographic Survey 1: 50 000 Series as the cartographic base for the Stage maps, with the official paths and many variants provided by the Federation of Spanish Friends of the Camino – representing unrivalled coverage. Each of the 32 ‘recommended’ stages of the Camino Francés, the three stages to Cape Finisterre, and the two routes to Muxía feature their own start and finish insets, elevation and distance profile, and accommodation pins. There are many town and city plans. Plans of the three principal cathedrals. A historic map showing the spread of the pilgrimage across Europe. A transport map accompanies tips and information on how to start your Camino.

DESCRIPTIONS  The historic monuments, towns, villages and cities are covered in surprising detail for a walking guide, allowing you the pilgrim to truly sense the history, art and devotion of centuries gone by. They allow you to make the most of the brief sightseeing opportunities available, including rest days.

DIRECTIONS  You will find the Caminos well-waymarked, however, there are some key directions and landmarks pointed out in this book, which should prove to be very helpful as you navigate your daily walk.

ACCOMMODATION  Every known Albergue is listed with its type (eg. Municipal, Parochial, Private) facilities, year-round availability, pricing, address, and contact phone and email/website. There follows a selection of Pensions, Casas rural, Hostales, Hospederia, and hotels from one to five stars – listed with price, address, phone and email/website. The listings appear at every stage and every city, with numbered pins appearing on the corresponding map.

DEVOTIONS & MEANING  We are a Christian house that fully realises the wide reach of today’s Camino. A small collection of prayers complements at least some encouragement to work through your own thoughts and impressions. We explore why people go and what to expect, but we are not here to preach.

HISTORY AND LEGEND  There is little to go on from the Bible itself, nevertheless, we explore the legend of the appearances of the Virgin Mary to encourage James’ evangelical mission in Spain. The transportation and burial of St James, the rediscovery of the tomb and the first pilgrims. The development of the pilgrimage and city of Santiago de Compostela.

TODAY’S CAMINO  We look at how popular the Camino has become, attracting people from across the world. Its international recognition, the infrastructure, the Credencial and Compostela, daily routine, accommodation and meals.

PRACTICAL HELP  Equipment to carry, footwear, and what to pack. Safety information and advice. Useful websites. A Glossary of Spanish words and phrases. An extensive index of places and people.

ILLUSTRATED  Full-colour photographs bring to life the amazing scenery, monuments and also practical elements of this, foremost Camino, and its coastal continuation.

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