A Pilgrim’s Guide to Oberammergau and its Passion Play – 2010 edition

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Since it was first performed in 1634, the Passion Play at Oberammergau has been an unforgettable experience for millions. Concise, compact, colourful and informative, this book will enable the visitor to make the most of their stay and evoke many lasting memories.

Please note: We have good stocks of this edition that was produced for the 2010 Passion Play while the new edition is fully available. Please make sure which book/s you want to order. Browse the new edition and then decide!

All the sights of this delightful alpine village are described and illustrated. The alpine setting is first described. Then, the houses painted with frescoes, the Museum and the Parish Church. There is an insight into the traditions and staging of the Play, the Text, music, stage sets and Chronology, and a brief synopsis as it unfolds on stage. In addition, there is a look at the Passion Play Theatre. Practical details include how to see the Play.

The Creative Team of Director, Conductor and Designer are profiled. Meanwhile, interviews with two leading actors from the village – a shopkeeper and a hotel manager – provide a valuable insight into what it means to take a part in the play, the reasons why the long tradition of performing it influences residents today.

Furthermore, there is a guide to the surrounding area. King Ludwig’s castles, the monastery at Ettal, the pilgrimage church at Wies, Innsbruck and the Tyrol, and Munich.

Illustrated in full colour, there are several pictures of scenes from past performances. In addition, a two-page Plan of the village makes it easy to locate all the sights.

Oberammergau and the Pilgrim Books team

This book can trace its origins back to a book produced for the Passion Play in 1970, when David Houseley decided to write a book for his many groups who travelled to see the Passion Play. Subsequently, we produced updated editions for the 1980, 1990 and 2000 performances.

About the author

Raymond Goodburn is an an ordained pastor, who during several years has led and organised many groups to Oberammergau. Ray works with a leading Christian tour operator. He’s the author of more books in the Pilgrim’s Guide Series: the Holy Land; the Lands of St Paul; and Rome and Assisi.

Book details

ISBN 978-0-9532511-3-1 A5. Paperback. 96 pages. Print only.

There is an eBook version of the shorter booklet, ‘Oberammergau 2010 – the village and its Passion Play’ 978-0-9569768-7-1 for sale from our partner here