Passion Play Oberammergau 2022 official Music CD

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Pilgrim Book Services are proud to be offering the official Passion Play 2022 recordings of the choral and orchestral music on CD.

If you were lucky enough to attend this year’s Passion Play you will not forget the impact that the choir and orchestra had on the production. Local teacher Rochus Dedler wrote the original score for the 1810 Passion Play in the Early Romantic style. Bringing us to 2022, Music Director Markus Zwink is assisted by two further specialists. The result has allowed for more individual coaching of the singers and instrumentalists. Passion Play Director Christian Stückl decided we could do without the Prologue. Zwink has responded by writing new material, especially for new arias for soloists. Together with former Deputy Director and Prologue Teller Otto Huber who suggested the text for the arias, they replace in part the Prologue.

Each of the 110 performances was accompanied by 64 singers on stage and a 57-strong symphony orchestra in the pit. The orchestra underscores the dramatic scenes with symphonic music. The choir and orchestra provides those large-format oratorical solo and choral passages to frame the tableaux vivants.

Unlike the official Book+CD Bundle, the CD is accompanied by an informative illustrated 32-page booklet. It includes the text to each track in English and German.

Bring back the emotion, beauty and power of the 2022 Passion Play with this quality recording.

Duration 79:20 minutes

EAN 4038903000120

Release: 20/05/2022

Label: Hook Music (Germany)

RRP: £12.00/$20.00/€16.00



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